You didn’t read the piece or my bio and you are about as bright as a bag of bricks, so I can really only imagine you’re upset and startled by your own shadow instead.

& rightfully naming who is responsible for victimizing marginalized peoples is a necessary and revolutionary act, calling those who do that “Blamer” who “Play the victim” is just gaslighting, a way of escaping being rightfully blamed and accountable as a white person by saying “Wow, playing the victim much!” when someone goes “Look at what you did and are yet doing!”.

I also mention in my piece that there is more to our history than white supremacy and white people’s violence, so as necessary as blaming and pointing fingers at whiteness is, there is more to me than your genocidal nonsense, but that still excludes and doesn’t center you so I’m sure you wouldn’t be as happy to hear tell of that.

What if I told you that shadow that scared you earlier does not but follow and mimic your every move, would that calm you?


Writer. Community organizer. Errant punk. Ne’er do well. Fire starter. Email:

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