Yes! Right on, Tyler. Thanks for sharing yr words!

There has been generally lots of ableism going around this campaign cycle, with how we question the ability of candidates based on their health or, instead of criticizing the dangerous and violent nature of a Certain Party’s politic, we call them “crazy” & “mentally ill”, & say they have a “low IQ” and “shouldn’t be allowed to breed”. That’s eugenics, ya’ll! That’s creepy!

I would like to name that even when it comes to people who are non-neurotypical as well, we shouldn’t be ruled out as leaders. People who are autistic or have depression or ADHD can and often do amazing things. We get stigmatized, scapegoated and pathologized in detrimental ways and our abilities are questioned.

I feel that ultimately it comes down to who we are as an individualist society, which is highly ableist. We need to dismantle the idea that if you require help or assistance in any way that you are lesser than, or weak or incapable. We all need help or support in one way or another, no person is an island. That’s not a bad thing.



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