Trust, I don’t pretend that Haitians are pure, innocent or perfect people nor must we for us to understand the violence that is colonialism & the exploitation of aid, but I do know that I already have heard stories of the internal corruption in their government, and not enough about reparations and the way they have been blacklisted.

Nationalism and governments are too often dangerous and flags are just physical things, but for downtrodden or exploited nations, I feel showing solidarity by changing yr photo to their flag is probably not as evil as changing it to some others, like the American or French flag, as you said. Also I use it to protest the colonialist inconsistency between the flags we do stand with and those we don’t. It isn’t necessarily a co-sign of jingoism, etc. Again though, not all national pride is automatically evil in the same way as some.

As for them being strong and not feeling bad for them, I am not quite sure what that means here either, as I wasn’t speaking about pitying Haiti but correcting an injustice. Anyways, the resilience Black people built after centuries of abuse should not be taken advantage of, or used to excuse what they went through. Much has been written on this subject, the abusive nature of the Strong Black People (esp Strong Black Woman) trope.



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