Today, cis white women will deflect legitimate criticisms of their International Women’s Day actions by playing weak lip service to their bastardized idea of intersectionality and inclusivity so as to avoid being forced to possibly think and analyze their organizing, action and behaviors as it unnecessarily centers themselves at the expense of others, or, worse yet, be accountable.

But “Inclusivity” as practiced by white feminists is honestly such a bullshit concept because it asserts that the struggle belongs to and was built by cis/Western capitalist/straight/white women and they, poor little centers of the universe that they are, need to learn to play nice with what belongs to them & when they do, the rest of us need to be grateful and step lightly. But the real dynamic is that of appropriation, exploitation, erasure and violence from women in power towards marginalized women and the abuse of their intellectual, environmental, economical, social, political, emotional, cultural and domestic labor and resources, and the astounding gall these women in power dare have in claiming to yet be feminists. They don’t owe us a seat at their table, they gotta stop lying that that shit belongs to them in the first place. They gotta start being real about their role in the exploitation of other women, thus their need to be liberated from patriarchy & *them*.

Trans women of color & queer women of color made this shit. Women of color, particularly Black and Indigenous women, made this shit. Global South women die for our shit. Imma spend my day thinking about that labor and *our* stolen table and reconciliation and reparations and ignoring YT bullshit as much as humanly possible. 👌🏽



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