This title. This tired argument in this article has already been written over and over. Subsequently, there have been many counter-arguments and decently-researched pieces that have debunked this myth that “NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR” white dudes always want to try to push. Racial caste systems and hierarchies were integral to Western imperialist and capitalist expansion then and now, they not divorce-able from each other. Class divides are still racialized all across the world and as Ta-nehisi Coates has said, race is a class of its own. Global anti-Blackness is how the West was able to build its empire off the labor of enslaved Africans. It has been found that poor and working class white people yet have more generational wealth than middle class Black people much “richer” than them. You don’t get to be of the opinion that class “matters more” when that’s not a fact.


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