This is how you know a white woman wrote this.

You assume that the Black women voicing their criticisms of white-supremacy-masquerading-as-feminism were the ones who put her in the role that she inhabits, both that we have the kind of power to do so (we don’t) and that we have some kind of affection for anti-Black, entitled, rich rape apologists representing us (hell no).

White women put her on that pedestal and in that role. Intentionally so. But instead of taking responsibility in that, you wag a finger at all of “us”, especially those who are rightfully angry, for letting it come to this, and for how we are reacting towards her nastiness.

This kind of white feminist paternalism is why ya’lls faux feminist movement-not “our” movement or “the” movement-is losing traction and use in the world. White women are not leaders or even largely even part of a real whollistic feminism that centers marginalized woman, they’re the stars of a self-important individualist capitalist love affair that throws around the word “intersectional”, AKA “Let’s tokenize one or two women of color or disabled women or trans women but remind them every five minutes that the table we invited them to is ours.” Let’s be real on that.

I absolutely don’t stand for anyone who uses oppressive or violent language to challenge or bully the Dunhams of the world but I won’t tolerate white women writing pithy think pieces telling us how to feel and react at being aggressed and victimized by ya’ll again. The thing ruining ya’lls movement isn’t us calling out your racism, or us getting angry, it’s ya’ll constantly disrespecting, erasing and excluding us then going “Why Can’t We Just All Get Along?” when we never really did in the first place. We aren’t a united front and never have been. So Dunham and the backlash is not indicative of growing schisms in feminism, it is indicative to how white supremacy aggressed and assaults and dehumanizes Black women and their kin and their womanhood. That should be the center of this conversation, not white women.

Instead of entitling yourself to speak for and on subjects that you have social power in, you should be quiet and listen and decenter yourself and quit prioritizing white feminism and acting like other women prize it like you obviously do.


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