This is a decent article, but I’m entirely confused by the assertion the people who stand out from this shit statist binary of Clinton and Trump are Bernie and his Bernie Bros?

First off, they are statists and fall left politically. And most of them have or are behaving just as bad if not worse than the liberals rightfully named in your piece. I had a horrible few months of over-zealous proselytizing based on misinformation and the false notion that one person, let alone a rich cis straight white politician, will be our savior, condescension, racism, misogyny, and whiny statist sympathies from Bernie supporters while he was still in the running. I don’t know any who were not statist, they were progressives at best. They are not the stand out here, as far as I’m concerned they’re still too into themselves-and have always been-to give more of a shit beyond lip-service.

Now, there are decent leftists or progressives who did intend to vote for him and who care about marginalized folks and liberation from the violence of the state, but they were not the majority in the least. Bernie and his camp were abysmal whole they were viable and boy am I glad that’s over. It’s a shame that this piece doesn’t acknowledge that.


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