I still believe strongly in the power that many (who go deeper than identity politics) find in organizing, disseminating information and consciousness-raising (esp. marginalized communities like WOC, queer and trans folks, etc) on internet platforms like Twitter, but man, years on Tumblr & some time on Twitter has shown me the ugly side of exactly this.

I’m a radical anti-statist who organizes among policy-and-voting-and-inclusion-will-save-us-yay types & it’s a constant struggle. I always say “I don’t want to diversify power, I want to dismantle it”. I don’t do diversity & equality work, I do justice and liberation work. Of course identity politics matter and are important to discuss and imbue in our work as we’re only as free as the most marginalized, but to the point that IS TO BE FREE, not that the next drone we drop uses gender neutral pronouns. Capitalism and white supremacy worms itself in and coopts our movements too easily.


Writer. Community organizer. Errant punk. Ne’er do well. Fire starter. Email:

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