Briana L. Urena-Ravelo
2 min readDec 5, 2017


These points actually don’t address my criticisms of white supremacist veganism but exemplify it so thanks, in a way.

Here we have:

  1. An image that compares Black motherhood to animal motherhood
  2. Misused/and appropriated language of Black womanist/radical activist to fit a white man’s need and to protect himself from criticism though I really doubt if you have any true relationships with Black women but you got one with animals and apparently they’re similar to you. Audre Lorde didn’t mean what you twisted her words to mean, and it’s mired in misogynoir that you went there, as is this whole entire tokenizing piece.
  3. A profound lack of understanding of colonial impositions on diet and the humanity of POC that greatly affects their relationship with earth and animals regardless if their diet is vegan or not
  4. An ignoring of the fact that while someone can have a more class accessible veganism your own arguments are mired in racist, class inaccessible bullshit. There’s a momentary acknowledgement of classism that follows swiftly into racialized classism. “However, unless you live in a food desert” that’s the point, dude. Lots of people, especially of color, fucking live in food deserts. And then you go onto once again tokenize vegans/animal liberationist of color. Because while you care about animals you’re totally OK to objectify people of color like we’re pokemon to wage your intellectual battles.
  5. A claim veganism is more than a consumer and individualist choice but you cannot exemplify how likely because as a white Westerner you don’t actually live or think that way
  6. A misunderstanding of what “No ethical consumption under capitalism” is meant to refer to. It means to talk about the human toll of our current food systems but you skipped that part. Then again you have made it clear that marginalized people are pretty low on your list of priorities
  7. A sore lack of any trust in or scholarship from radical decolonial activists of color, vegans included, in this discourse.
  8. A disingenuous dismissal of the rightful accusation of the ableism of veganism as all appropriated (as opposed to coming from autonomous disabled folks themselves), even as you have been appropriating people of color’s struggles, narrative, voices and perspectives for your own benefit. Hypocritical seems like too nice an accusation.
  9. A covert yet extremely toxic and colonial conflation of meat-eating societies with their own relationships with animals as past, backwards and modern, progressive cultures (such as your own, I’m sure) as vegan, along with a snubbing and policing of their markedly healthier societies as imperfect. Like calm down, Custer.
  10. Consistent manipulative dismissal of your own movement’s intellectual falsehoods and oppressive wrongdoings with “Well other movements/people suck too!” (Don’t mention white feminism when you’re clearly a white patriarch.)

It isn’t that there aren’t valid, convincing, and non-dehumanizing arguments for veganism, it’s that overall white vegans just don’t make them. If you care about this cause, it is painfully obvious to me that you likely shouldn’t speak for it as you’re continuing to represent it in a horribly white supremacist and colonial fashion, which seems to be a consistent problem with your type.

This was a travesty and an offense to read.



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