Oh of course, because this makes complete sense as all whitesplaining from an orange cat tends to.

And for the record, the wild, colonizing, imposing, rude American ideas I suggested forcing upon Haitians? Not donating to orgs that don’t help Haitians, challenging our anti-Blackness and bias towards Haitians, educating ourselves on history, listening to them and their needs and narratives, reparations, holding ourselves & others accountable for abusing them. Jeez, now that you mention it, that *does* sound pure evil, I’m practically France! I *am* John Smith!

Thanks for coming in and saving the day with senseless manipulations and intellectually faulty, empathy-void jumps you deign to inflict on others and parade about as a real respectable opinion and not the flaming hot garbage mired in self-importance and unscrutinized racial bias that it is. If you had any amount of sense, self-awareness or shame, I might have been spared it, and that would have sucked.


Writer. Community organizer. Errant punk. Ne’er do well. Fire starter. Email: Dominicanamalisima@gmail.com

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