Infographic that you don’t wanna look at says otherwise. If left to white men, they’d vote Trump in. If left to white women, they’d vote Trump in. Women of color, on the other hand, are gonna shut that shit down. Your whiteness impacts and matters much more to you all than you understand.

What I’m trying to communicate to you is that your whiteness blinds you to the point of insensitivity and wild statements and you’re not being accountable to that and you’re making false equivalencies and saying there aren’t many good reasons to dislike or not want to vote for Hillary when there is plenty, all while overstating how progressive she is. (Though maybe by your standards, as a white person, she is pretty progressive. Again, kind of the point of what I’m saying.)

I’m tired of being held back by whiteness and your lack of imagination for a better world. Face reality and be honest that a vote for Hillary is because #NeverTrump and #Holyshitweneedtoactquick, but don’t sit there and throw manipulative nonsense about how she’s this great candidate in there, or downplay and dismiss why we don’t like her or won’t vote for her by calling us white when white women are the ones who would choose Trump if left to their own devices. Or at least don’t claim to be in any way, shape or form progressive while being so pro-Hillary.



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