How to know if a witch is in love with you:

Does your local bruja fancy you back? You could ask a fortune teller, try your luck with a seer, or you could read this handy guide!

Briana L. Urena-Ravelo
3 min readSep 9, 2016
“But what will we name our hatchlings??” “Mija, get a grip. It will be $50 bucks” Art by Harry Roseland

In this day and age of dating apps, “It’s Complicated” relationship statuses on Facebook, late night “wyd?” texts, side chicks and DM drama, it’s hard to know how people really feel about you. It is doubly hard to know when your paramour has an extra certain mystical je ne sais quoi way about her, because, you know, she’s a witch.

Well, fret no more! I’m here to tell you how to figure out if your sorceress love has a pot of affection brewing in her heart just for you!

She willingly gave you the address to her house, you were not led by a small talking crow or lured by a trail of sweets.

Baba Yaga by Ivan Bilibin

She plays “I Put A Spell On You” all the time whenever you hang out.

She let you know her full, real name, spelling and all.

If she lends you her favorite record. This shit is serious whether the woman is a human or a witch, OK?

If she asks you what color eyes you think your future hatchlings would have.

If to you she smells like spices and roses, instead of her typical scent of fear, sulfur and burning villages.

Often when she visits she wears turmeric, the color of Oshun.

She says she keeps seeing your face in her tea leaves.

When the locals are starting to take note that her normal excessive angsty nighttime wandering and wailing is occurring with less frequency.

When she asks what the average human lifespan is in your family and becomes worried because 70–80 years pales in comparison to her 1000–1200.

She made you a little red bracelet to ward against mala ojo and a poppet of you for protection.

The portrait of her great great abuelita on her mantle in her home giggles girlishly when she sees you.

When you’re having a rough time she offers to light a candle in her altar for you.

Haitian Vodou altar

When you get hurt, she doesn’t cackle riotously and actually shows some concern.

When she introduces you to her young initiates and fellow devotees.

A colorful bunch, really. Gaga in San Luis, Dominican Republic

She told you she likes you after you asked. Duh.



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