How to know if a witch is in love with you:

Does your local bruja fancy you back? You could ask a fortune teller, try your luck with a seer, or you could read this handy guide!

“But what will we name our hatchlings??” “Mija, get a grip. It will be $50 bucks” Art by Harry Roseland
Baba Yaga by Ivan Bilibin

If she lends you her favorite record. This shit is serious whether the woman is a human or a witch, OK?

If to you she smells like spices and roses, instead of her typical scent of fear, sulfur and burning villages.

She made you a little red bracelet to ward against mala ojo and a poppet of you for protection.

Haitian Vodou altar
A colorful bunch, really. Gaga in San Luis, Dominican Republic



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