Don’t mention anti-racism and race if you don’t want or expect “deep” comments from affected communities and especially not if you’re actually a racist which is clear by how abusive, defensive and quick to lean into your power you were upon being criticized by an actual Black West Indian “Cunt.” Cretin.” “Twat”. 🧐

White liberal buzzwords like “multicultural” or “diverse” indicate nothing about anti-racist work but a good social performance for your own sake. I was pointing out your experience is inaccurate, biased, white, navel-gazing and inadequate. Not of value to the topics and communities you brought up and a gross misrepresentation, as are these follow up comments. Actual anti-racists normally welcomes an expanding of one’s horizons but you’re so sure in your whiteness and assume you need no decent Black perspective to temper yours and you can’t be wrong. You wrote this whole whine because you don’t want to change anything about your antagonistic appearance and behavior, not because you care about BAME/BIPOC, anti-racism. This was just a long-winded mastubatory justification for assholeness.

Also, no thanks on the bad Black music revisionism, I actually know what I’m talking about. It’s so convenient how bigoted white skinheads love to skip the first two waves of ska and rudeboy culture in Jamaica and among British West Indians to center themselves in its multicultural two-tone wave of the 80s. Typical but a-historical. You should do your research!

I don’t hope you have a lovely day as I typically don’t wish those for fash!


Writer. Community organizer. Errant punk. Ne’er do well. Fire starter. Email:

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