Can I ask what the hell is the point of “Open carry” if it is only going to put a target on Black people’s backs in those states and further endanger the lives of those who decide to engage in that right? “Well, you can have a gun, but now all interactions with cops are even more likely to become violent because, well, you could have a gun!!”. Are police not taught protocol to respect that citizen’s right, or does he just not apply it when it comes to Black people?

What’s more, like Eric Gardner, #AntonSterling was hustling when he was murdered, and that was deemed a threat. Under this system, we are denied access to well-paying jobs on the books, and then we’re also criminalized when we show a level of creativity and entrepreneurship outside of this system that will not assure us financial security. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

It is abundantly clear that this is no grave insult to the true intent or original machinations of these institutions, their forefathers or participants, no anomaly, no outlier, no mistake. These laws were not made with us in mind or with the goal to protect us. It is painfully obvious the laws and law enforcers and those faithful to supremacist interpretations & outcomes of “justice” are vile antagonizers who do not wish to serve us, rather, they see us as non-human canvasses with which to serve through and upon, murderously. We’re a social problem, not people.

So do not invoke the fairness of this land or her people because I have never seen it. Do not recall her love for all people living here because in violence, in supremacy, in hate she was born, and she flourishes by it, by Black death, our suffering gives her life and rhyme and reason to live.

As in the beginning, Black blood fuels this nation.



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