Boy, and you speak with the paternalism and poor logical skills of a patriarch too!

Let me break this down for you:

My demographic, WOC, the ones I have seen be the most vociferous against Hillary for real reasons that you’ve clearly intentionally ignored because it doesn’t fit your basic poor narrative, are also the ones who are going to get her voted in. We’re overwhelmingly more progressive than white women and less on the entitled white supremacist bullshit.

So as Black queer daughter of Latinx immigrants, someone who does not stand to benefit from Trump like your demographic clearly does, and someone who isn’t invested in his white supremacy as your demographic obviously is, it’s absolutely disgusting and disrespectful for you to create this false narrative that people who *rightfully* criticize Hillary for the *dozens* of *real* things she should be held accountable for must all the sudden love Trump. And to reduce people’s issue with this election as being just about Hillary and Trump and not, you know, about the mess that whiteness and capitalism and bigotry got us in the first place is also really glaring.

We have to talk about this election as something to stop the bleeding at best, but not a solution to the problem, the problem being what is clearly show in the graphic above.

PS- It’s you.



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